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The Hidden Hour Offers in Gurgaon

Up to 25% Discount on Escape Games at The Hidden Hour in MGF Metropolis Mall, Gurgaon.

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The Hidden Hour brings to you fantastic Real-Life Escape Games in Gurgaon & Delhi. Allowing a team of 2 to 8 comrades and exactly 60 minutes, game themes include Magic Show – a Treasure Hunt and Hijacked NCR Metro - Bomb Defusal.

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The Hidden Hour Address:
2nd Floor, Near Lifestyle, MGF Metropolis Mall, M.G. Road, Gurgaon – 122002.

The Hidden Hour India Addresses and Location
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Magic Show – a Treasure Hunt

This game is played with a team of about 2 to 8 members. In this, “The Great Indian Tamasha”, which is a famous magical show, is being performed in an old 19th century building that also houses valuable hidden treasures. You need to find the treasure before the end of the day and before the show ends as the building is set to be seized by the government the next morning. You have exactly 1 hour to do your part of the job of unraveling this mystery, finding the treasure and escaping.

Hijacked NCR Metro - Bomb Defusal

The Hijacked NCR Metro theme is another 1-hour game that puts you in the position of a Special Task Force member who has been assigned the duty of diffusing a bomb planted at the NCR Metro Station. This station, hijacked by 5 armed men, is situated right below the Delhi airport and could prove highly disastrous if blown up. You need to, in a matter of 60 minutes, break the code and diffuse the bomb. It’s a highly intense and gripping game to be played as a STF team of 2 to 8 members. Please share The Hidden Hour discount coupon page on your social media profiles.

About Company

The Hidden Hour, a set of stimulating and highly cherished Real-Life Escape Games with outlets in Gurgaon & Delhi, offers you a fantastic mission of deciphering clues and puzzles to help you escape from a room that you are locked in. All you have is a team of 2 to 8 comrades and exactly 60 minutes in which to find your clues and solve the puzzles provided. You get to rush out of the room and escape only on successfully solving the mystery within the stipulated time. Be it gamers & enthusiasts, family, friends, schoolmates, students, colleagues or any other, playing the game as a team or against each other is fun, thrilling and a worthy experience. The Hidden Hour games include Magic Show – a Treasure Hunt and Hijacked NCR Metro - Bomb Defusal.

Corporate Address

2nd Floor, Near Lifestyle, MGF Metropolis Mall,
M.G. Road,
Gurgaon, India 122002
Website: http://www.thehiddenhour.com/

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