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VishwaCARE Offers - Rs.899 Deal

Pay only Rs.899 for Rs.2900 worth of Full Body Rejuventation at Ayurveda Clinic VishwaCare, Mumbai.

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Save Rs.2000 on Full body Rejuvenation @ VishwaCARE. Pay only Rs.899 for the below services.

Normal Rates & Duration
1. Abhyangam- Rs.1200 ; 45 min
2. Shirodhara- Rs.1200 ; 30 min
3. Shiro Abhyangam- Rs.500 ; 15 min

Your Price: Only Rs.899

Total Duration: 90 min

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Call for appointment or more details: 022-65612340.
Monday is closed.

VishwaCARE India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on VishwaCARE

Terms and Conditions

Prior appointment mandatory.

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Panchakarma at Vishwacare

Panchakarma is the most established popular detoxification process accepted all over the world. Stress levels at work and at home primarily necessitate these rejuvenation therapies. At VishwaCARE they have Shirodhara, Udvartanam, Nasyam, Shiro Abhyangam, Katibasti, Janubasti, Karnapuran, Kavala – Gandusha, Netra Tarpanam, Hrid Basti, Greeva Basti, Detox Package (Vamana & Virechana), Netra Basti, Matra Basti, Rakta Mokshana, Nabhi Basti, Pizichil, Netra Prakshaalana, Agni Karma, Pottli Swedana, Shiro Pichu, Mukha Lepanam, Lepanam and Naadi Swedan, each of which address different aspects of your health like mental stress, muscular tension, blood circulation, migraine, backache, swelling etc. Download the Vishwacare Discount Coupon and tell about this offer to your friends.


What makes VishwaCARE different from run-of-the-mill health clinics is the fact that they focus on the root cause of illnesses and uproot the disease completely. Each patient is given customized solutions based on their health condition. Their Ayurvedic Treatments cover a wide category of concerns including Child Care, Pregnancy Care, Infertility, Varicose Veins, Joint Problems, Polycystic Ovaries, Dental Issues, Cardiac Concerns, Pulmonary Care, Abdomen Care, Neuro Problems, Eye and Skin Care and more.

Ayurveda for Kids

VishwaCARE has a number of Ayurvedic remedies to treat specific conditions in children like Cerebral Palsy, Delayed Milestones, Recurrent Cold and Cough, Asthama, Muscular Dystrophy, Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism. For those who wish to Increase their height, they have a course of medication, therapy and yoga that helps balance bodily hormones facilitating such increase. A therapy known as the Suvarana Prashan is also very popular here. This is a technique of immunization that helps kids enhance brain activity as well as the strength the fight general bodily disorders.

About Company

VishwaCARE, an Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic started in Mumbai in 2009, offers a wide spectrum of treatments for ailments such as Rheumatism, Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Spondylitis, Skin & Hair Problems, Cancer and Sexual Disorders among many others. They focus on holistic health through age-old herbal therapies not only to cure but also to prevent diseases. VishwaCARE is also popular for their simple revitalization, purification and anti-stress therapies. Founded by a renowned Ayurveda specialist and managed by experts, this place offers you permanent solutions to all your health concerns.

Corporate Address

1, Aqsa Palace Phase 2, Dominic Colony Road No. 3
Off Tank Road, Orlem, Malad (West)
Mumbai, India 400064
Website: http://www.vishwacare.com/

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