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World Photography School Coupons in Bengaluru

Up to 75% Discount on Online Photography Courses from World Photography School, Bengaluru.

Save at World Photography School in Bengaluru with UPto75 Coupons.

World Photography School is a professional photography training centre bringing to you both online courses and photography workshops. They showcase a wide array of sessions that you could choose from depending on your time, level and needs.

Up to 75% Discount on Online Photography Courses from World Photography School, HSR Layout, Bengaluru.

Offer 1: Online Photography Course and Lifetime Membership
Actual Price: Rs.5000
Discounted Price: Rs.1599

Offer 2: Online Photography Course and Video Tutorials
Actual Price: Rs.7999
Discounted Price: Rs.1999

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World Photography School:
Near BDA Complex, 4th Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru - 560034

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Online Courses

Even with a DSLR Camera, its essential to learn the nitty-gritties of professional photography to produce real life pictures that speak. Be it a DSLR or just a phone camera, your photos will make a huge difference if taken meticulously and with all the right techniques in mind. At the World Photography School, you could go for their 5-module basic photography course, the 15-module foundation course or even the 25-module comprehensive course. Once registered with them, you gain uninterrupted access to all their resources, anytime, anywhere! You can also count on them to help you get all your doubts cleared, even those out of syllabus.


The workshops organized by World Photography School is open to all kinds of people, be it teenagers, students, corporate executives, retired workers, dedicated photography enthusiasts or any other. Their catalogue includes the Basic Photography Workshop, Comprehensive Photography Workshop, Photography Workshop + Online Course, Portrait Lighting Workshop, Photo Editing Workshop and Personalized Courses.

World Photography School Details

World Photography School, a principal professional photography training centre, offers you a wide selection of learning options in photography, both online and through workshops. With the aim of making the art of photography easy to master, their courses and classes are affordable and practically motivated as well. You can browse through their assortment of sessions and choose the one that best serves your purpose. Being a part of the World Photography School, depending on the course chosen, automatically makes you eligible to enjoy their elaborate courseware, gain access to all free resources, get help from personal faculty, gain membership to their FB Group, earn the privilege of getting all your doubts cleared, use their studio, enjoy discounts & offers in buying equipment, have the opportunity to get paid assignments and much more.

World Photography School Corporate Address

Near BDA Complex, 4th Sector,
HSR Layout,
Bengaluru, India 560034

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuryasnataPhotoworld/

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