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World Welfare Mission Yoga Studio Offers in Delhi

Up to 50% Discount at World Welfare Mission Yoga Studio in Najafgarh, Delhi.

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It is a humanitarian non-profit organization formed in association with Govt. of Delhi. The studio is in Najafgarh Delhi.

Up to 50% Discount at World Welfare Mission Yoga Studio in Najafgarh, Delhi.

Regular Group Yoga Classes Online

Offer 1: Rs.2000 for 1 Month.

Offer 2: Rs.5000 for 3 Months.

Offer 3: Rs.8000 for 6 Months.

Offer 4: Rs.12000 for One Year.

* Actual Price Per Month Is Rs.5000.
* Classes Free For First Three Days.
* Classes Are 5 Days Per Week From Monday - Friday.
* All Prices Including Taxes Only.

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Address of the Yoga Studio in Najafgarh:
149 A, Street No 37, Saraswati Enclave, Gopal Nagar, Surakh Pur Road, Najafgarh, New Delhi - 110043.

World Welfare Mission Yoga Studio India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on World Welfare Mission Yoga Studio

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World Welfare Mission Yoga Studio offers World Welfare Mission Yoga Studio 0 sales India


A number of different types of Yogas including Ashtanga, Hatha, Power, Cosmic, Kriya, Raj, Karma, Dhyana, Kundalini, Gyan, Hasya and Seva Yoga represent their catalogue. They teach both theory and practice. Yoga contains a range of Asanas, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. The combination of these ensure that your mind is calmed and your body is relaxed. It’s a holistic form of exercise for both your body and the soul.

Meditation and more

Dhyana Yoga, taught at the centre, focuses on meditation and concentration. It facilitates inner peace, healing and spiritual enlightenment. Apart from this, they also teach Cosmic (Quantum) Energy (Positive Frequency) and other exclusive programs for Stress Management and Obesity Management. Counselling, a healthy Diet, Lifestyle Reorg, Creating Self-awareness, Laughter Yoga Therapy, Music Therapy, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and more also form part of their menu of services.

About Company

World Welfare Mission Yoga Studio, a humanitarian non-profit organization started in 2005 in association with Ministry of Health and The Directorate of Family Welfare, Govt. of Delhi, offers you a holistic range of wellness programs as well as social & environmental undertakings to protect and to preserve. A well-equipped facility designed to instil in you a sense of peace and tranquillity, it is a place you would love to be in and engage with. Their host of programmes include the Satsang, Onsite Corporate Yoga & Stress Management Workshops, Personal Counselling on Stress, Ailments & Relationships, ‘SahajKrishna Yoga SadhanaShivir’ for Social groups & Organisations, Healing Meditation Workshops, Quantum Healing/Distance Healing Workshops, Acupressure & Naturopathy Workshops, Joyful Yoga for Students and Life Transforming Cosmic Yoga Workshops, among others.

Corporate Address

149 A, Street No.37, Saraswati Enclave,Gopal Nagar
Surakh Pur Road, Najafgarh,
Delhi, India 110043
Website: http://www.worldwelfaremission.org