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To help you focus more on personal safety, HealthKart has come up with a flat 20% Discount on Cobra Pepper Spray worth Rs.499 at

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Cobra Pepper Spray is one of the fastest selling models that facilitates, ease of use, is safe to use and effective. Its on/off and locking mechanisms are simple and accident-proof. You can instantly activate it when needed and carry around in a belt/ bag clip. Your perfect safety mechanism, you spray it on your assailants face and his eyes will continue burning and leave him immobilized for at least 45 minutes. A half or one second burst on the face of assailant within a range of 8 ft. will do the trick. One, two, three or even twelve of them can be faced and overpowered with it. Its effects are temporary and would not last for more than 2 to 3 hours, so you can have just enough time to get away, yet not cause any harm to the attackers.

How to use Pepper Sprays

Pepper Spray is a personal self-defence mechanism and helps you counter attackers be it men or animals. It is non-lethal but needs to be used with utmost care. Using the Pepper Spray mandates certain important steps. Most importantly, keep it handy for easy access when required. Distract the assaulter when you spray your Pepper spray by shouting stop and spray it effectively. It has to be sprayed at close range and the assailant has to be caught unguarded when you use it. Release the spray in a side-to-side motion while still aiming at the face and eye area. This increases chances of incapacitating the assailant. It takes a while for the spray to work, so wait a moment before you spray again.

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