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Health-Diagnostics: NM Medical Center in Bengaluru

Get annual wellness test package worth Rs.2590 for just Rs.1500 at NM Medical Center.
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Health-Diagnostics: NM Medical Center in Bengaluru Discount Offers

NM Medical Center has a clinic in Indira Nagar.
The center is closed on Sunday.

1) CBC ( Hemoglobin, TC, DC, Platelet count, RBC, PCV, MCV, MCHC, Blood Peripheral Smear)
2) ESR
3) Blood sugar Fasting
4) Blood sugar post prandial
6) Cholesterol
7) Triglycerides
8) Creatinine
9) Urine Routine
10) Digital Chest Xray
11) Lead ECG
12) Physical Examination
13) Physician Consultation
14) Eye Checkup
15) Dental Checkup
(Complimentary breakfast will be provided)

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NM Medical Center India

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests under NM Medicals include Pathology, Digital X-Ray, Sonography, 4D Sonography, ECG/Stress Test, 2D Echo Colour Doppler, Vascular Colour Doppler, Mammography, DEXA For Osteoporosis, 500 Slice Cardiac CT, Whole Body 3T MRI and Digital OPG. The equipment used for these tests follow the most modern technology and a host of procedures to ensure that your diagnosis is perfect, flawless and effectively indicative of any concerns.

Health Check-Up

NM Medical has a host of health check-up packages including primary, gold, gold plus, platinum, diamond, senior citizen, kids and teens. Apart from this, they have separate Eye Check-ups, Dental Check-ups, Audiometry, Pulmonary Function Test/Spirometry, Gynaecological Examinations, PAP Smear and Diet & Nutrition. Under each test, they do a thorough inspection using the best of equipment. Their specialists know exactly how and what to do to meet your specific check-up needs.


Apart from Health Check-Ups and Diagnostic Tests, NM Medical has Corporate Health Packages and Insurance Check-Ups. They also make home visits and services include Blood collection (Pathology), Sonography, 2D Echo/Colour Doppler, ECG, Digital X-ray and Body Fat Analysis. Their medical tourism department offers access to tourists of their transportation and hotel partners apart from medical check-ups and consultations. If you are a patient and wish to see your reports, NM Medical gives you the provision of having an online account on their website to view it online.

NM Medical Center Details

NM Medicals, started in the year 1981, popular in the field of preventive and diagnostic healthcare, offers a number of services including diagnostic tests, health screening, check-up, insurance and more. It has 5 exclusive diagnostic and preventive healthcare centres located in Mumbai and Bangalore. They have well-equipped, state-of-the-art equipment and are associated with leading International diagnostic equipment manufacturers like Siemens, Philips, and General Electric. Their test results follow internationally accepted protocols. NM Medicals is also on the panel of all Insurance Companies in India as well as more than 200 corporates for their employees’ health check-ups. Most importantly it does not create an undesirable environment; instead it has a waiting room that resembles the inside of a jetliner and also offers you a business cum entertainment centre with pleasant staff and great service.

NM Medical Center Corporate Address

NM Medical , Tower A, Corporate Block,
Diamond District, #150, Old Airport Road
Bengaluru, India 560008

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