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Personalized Gifts

Prestos Personalized Wonders brings to you, unique and interesting ideas for gifting Choose from their varied range of Photo-crystals, Clocks, Personalized Tiles, Desktop Accessories, T-shirts, Foto Mugs and other accessories. You can capture your favourite photograph now on your favourite item and gift it to your loved one. You can have your photographs, pictures, wordings, memories and much more captured on them forever. They can be enjoyed, worn on you or flaunted in your living room or bedroom in style. You could select predefined templates or get them customized to suit your needs. Choose your text and graphics and get amazing results!

Corporate Gifts

Corporates today, maintain big budgets for gifting. The gifts they give signify their brand image. If you need options less explored, unique and highly feasible, here you are. Get Photo-crystals, Clocks, Personalized Tiles, Desktop Accessories, T-shirts, Foto Mugs and other accessories of your choice and print pictures and words on them. They make great displays and enhance the ambience of your office. They could have any picture, text or image printed on them. Company achievements, Memories, Awards, Team pictures, Products and more can be printed and displayed everywhere. They can be placed on your workstation, side tables, display windows or anywhere you wish!

Awards, Trophies & Plaques

Photo-crystals, Clocks, Personalized Tiles, Desktop Accessories, T-shirts, Foto Mugs and other accessories make great trophies and mementoes. They are colourful, capture moments of victory and happiness and can be displayed at work stations or used to constantly remind colleagues of the win! A marvellous award for a great moment, you can print any picture, photo or text on them to enhance their spirits.

Presto Details

Presto, launched in the year 1995 in Kolkata, started their business of selling Pre Inked Stamps. This was then their only product. Later on, it diversified into various other products as well as different distribution channels and is now a 150 plus team of professionals. It is ISO-9001:2000 Certified. It has over 24 exclusive retail stores and all India tie ups with Sun Same Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Taiwan), Chemence Limited (U.K) and Laser Tools & Technics Corporation (Taiwan). It also offers a whole range of Personalized Rubber Stamps, Corporate Gifts, Personal Gifts, Awards and other Appreciation Products. Presto Personalized Wonders is their gifting division selling personalized and corporate gifts, trophies and plaques.

Presto Corporate Address

1E, Satyam, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road,
Kolkata, India 700016


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