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Guillotine and Galbraith

Galbraith, a renowned economist, said long ago: "Advertisements beat so relentlessly that, on some not distant day, the voice of each individual seller may well be lost in the collective roar of all together. It will be worth no one's while to speak, for if all speak none can hear"
Ad clutter is here to stay!
The day of ad clutter has arrived! Advertisers compete and clamor so aggressively for the consumer's attention today, that the poor consumer is mentally switching off ads. Consumers are now exposed to a profusion of media options - TV, radio, internet, SMSs, social network sites, tweeting etc - that it is difficult to engage them meaningfully through conventional media. TV, radio and print, have become less effective thanks to this unmanageable clutter.
Engage the customer interactively - the new mantra!
The key to successful advertising lies in "engaging the customer". To engage the consumer in such a scenario, brands need to get the consumer to interact immediately rather than wait for the consumer to remember the brand / ad and then buy the product or service.
Online and mobile media - The obvious alternatives!
Online and mobile spaces provide the answers - they are increasingly accessible and allow brands to interact individually and deeply with consumers, thus providing a higher chance of conversion. For example online advertising provides us with option of showing a teaser ad (let us say for a flat), and then on the click gives us the luxury of taking the consumer to a virtual realty 360 degree experience, and then finally making him fill up a form for an appointment for a visit, in one go. The ad thus catches attention, creates interest, arouses desire and allows consumer to take immediate action through this media. Advertisers could show various features of a car, a hotel, a vacation etc and close the sale immediately, unlike conventional modes where the consumer has to remember the product and then contact the advertiser.

Online and mobile go together and that is where the future lies. With one third of India's population moving around with a mobile in their pocket, they have become the primary screens. Mobile phones also have the advantage of being always on and always connected - thus allowing brands to engage customers better. Mobile advertising combines the reach of television with the precision of direct marketing and the tracking potential of the Internet. Typically mobile marketing campaigns use SMS, MMS, In-game mobile, IPTV, Bluetooth, Infrared, RFID & NFC, Location Based Services, User Based Services etc. Now internet advertising such as interactive display advertising (banner ads) and search, and even TV-style advertising have come to the mobile space as well.

Engaging consumers is even better through mobile. For example a mobile advertising campaign could send an SMS directly for a weight loss program and seek an instant response or registration through an SMS or a call from the customer. Or it could connect the mobile user through the internet and provide a link to a discount sale and close the deal instantly. Or even use various media like the radio, SMS, MMS, internet etc to reach the mobile user. The opportunities for marketers to reach and engage with consumers through this medium will keep expanding even further.
Advantage Online/ mobile advertising
Online and mobile mediums are cheaper and more cost effective than conventional advertising. They use technology and can be executed with greater precision, ease and speed. Of particular interest for advertisers is that online and mobile media are a hit with the coveted 18-34 year old segment known for its high disposable income, brand awareness and more importantly, short attention spans. Moreover, online and mobile media can be measured and provide access to markets 24 hours of the day!

Online and mobile media provide advertisers the luxury of test marketing the pitch on a sample market before sending a full blast to one and all. Advertisers can even do a dip stick for an offline campaign as well - get a pulse of the market through cheap and direct online and mobile media, and execute the campaign in offline channels. This way the chances of succeeding in an offline campaign increase dramatically at a far lesser cost.
Online and mobile - the future of advertising
It is time advertisers looked at the online and mobile media as an alternative to conventional advertising. One can use one's imagination and get creative about the way one wants to launch a campaign - these two media offer a host of opportunities to reach out to the largest audience with the least cost and also to convert the advertisement into a sale instantly - provided the advertiser can think of a way to do it!
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