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Deal Aggregator sites - The best deal for your promotions
Online advertising through Deal Listing Sites is a cost effective way to promote retail deals to target segments. In these times of intense competition and rising advertising costs retailers benefit from advertising on Deal Listing Sites in several ways. Apart from being cost effective, far reaching and focused, it offers great play for cross promotional offers in other media. The overall impact is wider than one can imagine, improves branding and increases footfalls considerably. Deal listing sites provide retailers with the luxury of spreading the ad spend more productively for maximum reach, improved branding and great online presence.
How online advertising in deal listing sites helps
The question that all retailers would like an answer to is - does advertising on deal listing websites promote my deals/offers/sales? A valid question! Especially when there are several conventional media options- newspapers, television, emails, mailers, hoardings - that have been tried and tested. However the conventional media vehicles have their drawbacks. There are too many deals in the marketplace causing a massive clutter. There is heavy competition. They are all expensive modes of advertising. And finally there may not be enough return on the ad spend!
Deal listing sites - A boon for consumers
This is exactly where Deal Listing Sites come in. These sites list all deals/offers/sales that are on offer in the market place at one place, and make it easy for the end consumer to make an intelligent choice sitting at his/ her desk. They also allow the consumers to search city wise, category wise and even area wise for the best deals in the product categories that they are interested in. Apart from providing a great convenience for the consumers, it is a very focused platform for retailers because only those who are interested in deals visit these sites.
Value for retailers
Deal Listing Sites allow advertisers to upload their deals at a minuscule price. This allows retailers to spread ad spend across various media and provide depth to their advertising. The reach of online sites is world over, at every terminal so to speak, and adds fillip to the brand. The subscription fee normally covers all deals offered for a year and the retailer can upload as many offers and deals as may be desired during this period.
Online is the future
For the small subscription fee, you access a whole new market - the exploding online market. It is gradually gaining acceptance in India as is evident in the numbers - 54 million users as on date and increasing at a rate of 20% p.a. - it is expected to touch 90 mn by 2012. Online advertising would be the most preferred medium in the future for its innovative, cost-effective, far reaching benefits. And it does make sense to get on the bandwagon now!
Net and Mobile - Wider, focused reach
Online advertising is never complete without its equally potent twin - the mobile. SMS, Voice and WAP are all avenues to promote the deals in cross promotional activities. At the same time, mobile phones with access to the web have identified areas like 'retail deals' with special pages dedicated to them, complete with downloadable discount coupons called 'mobile coupons'. When you consider the reach you get through these media in tandem vis-a-vis the cost, it is unbelievable value.
Other associations - Print and electronic media
Deal Listing Sites operate in the retail space exclusively and hence they have associations with other media in the retail sector. Associations with newspapers, magazines etc are common and provide further reach through multiple media vehicles, normally at the same cost.

In conclusion deal listings sites, apart form the cost, reach, footfalls and other associated benefits, bring in a longer term visibility to your brand which adds tremendous value in future as online grows bigger. In fact retailers benefit as much as consumers in this highly effective medium.
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