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Jaydurga Furnishings Coupons in Hyderabad

UPto 50% OFF on Selected Fabrics from Jaydugra Furnishings

Save at Jaydurga Furnishings in Hyderabad with UPto75 Coupons.

Upto 50% OFF on Selected Fabrics from Jaydurga Furnishings

Jaydurga furnishings is a leading supplier of soft furnishings like Curtains, Sofa-Cloth, Bed-sheets, Table-Covers and Carpets. Jaydurga furnishings creates beautiful window treatments for Indian & U.S. homes. Jaydurga Furnishings undertakes designing of coordinated heavy curtains, eyelet curtains, sheers, valances, quilted bedcovers, comforters, fitted sheets, bed-skirts and pillow-covers. Jaydurga Furnishings also provides you with our services like Sofa-repairing at House, Upholstery change, Seat back cushions repair, Re-modelling of old sofas, protective top loose-covers and Dining chairs re-upholstery. Excellent quality of sofa-cloth in different varieties like Jacquards, Chenille, Stain-Resistant fabrics, Velvet and Cotton are available.

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Jaydurga Furnishings Hyderabad has genuinely good collection with reasonable prices, Beautiful window treatments for U.S homes, Coordinated heavy curtains, sheers, valances, quilted bedcovers, comforters, fitted sheets, bed-skirts, pillow-covers in Jacquards, Silks, Self-designs, Traditional Indian prints, Embroidered sheers, Tassels etc.

Bed Linen

Matching/Co-ordinated quilted bedcovers, comforters, fitted sheets,bedskirts, pillowcovers, cushion & bolster covers can be stitched, keeping in mind the curtains, wallpapers, carpets, headboard fabrics etc. Jaydurga Furnishings has much more on display than what can be written here.

Carpets & Doormats

Washable imported Silk, Acrylic carpets in abstract, floral designs in all sizes, colours, Doormats for entrance (dust absorbent), bedside (soft), bathroom (water absorbent) and Children’s room (cartoons), Anti-skid, anti-static flooring for bathrooms, computer offices, Doormats cut from rolls of any size are available at Jaydurga Furnishings Hyderabad

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