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Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Center Offers - Ayurvedic Services

40 - 51% Discount at Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Offer End Date Jun 30, 2024

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It is a well-known and an authentic Centre for Ayurvedic Treatments in Hyderabad. Their list of services include Panchakarma, Abhayangam, Pizhichal, Elakizi, Pichu, Thalam, Sirodhara, Sarvanga Dhara, Mukhalepam or Herbal Facial, Karnapoornam and Leech Therapy, among others.

40 - 51% Discount at Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Offer 1: Shiro Abhayangam + Eye Wash (40 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.900
Discounted Price: Rs.500 Including Taxes

Offer 2: Shiro Abhayangam + Herbal Face Pack + Face Massage (30 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.1200
Discounted Price: Rs.600 Including Taxes

Offer 3: Navara Ayurvedic Facial (45 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.1500
Discounted Price: Rs.750 Including Taxes

Offer 4: Abhayangam + Steam Bath (50 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.2000
Discounted Price: Rs.1000 Including Taxes

Offer 5: Abhayangam (40 Mins) + Body Scrub (15 Mins) + Shower (15 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.2500
Discounted Price: Rs.1500 Including Taxes

Offer 6: Podi Kizhi + Steam (60 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.2500
Discounted Price: Rs.1500 Including Taxes

Offer 7: Shiro Abhayangam + Abhayangam + Shirodhara + Shower (80 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.3500
Discounted Price: Rs.1700 Including Taxes

Note: All Prices Are Including Taxes Only.

Valid On: All Days (8 AM - 8 PM)

How to use the Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Centre Hyderabad Offers:
1) Download the Coupon to your Email. Please check the Junk Folder too.
Note: UPto75.com Vouchers are always Free. No need to buy.
2) The email will have the address and the phone numbers of the Clinic in Begumpet.
3) Call them up for an Appointment and tell them that you have an email from UPto75.com.
4) Present the email before taking the service.
5) Pay the Price after Discount directly at the Clinic.
6) For any issue before taking the service, please call UPto75.com Support Number: +91-8008887500

Address of Ayurvedic Clinic in Begumpet::
#1-11-252/1/A, Street no.3, Lane 2, 102, Archana Apartment, ShoppersStop Lane, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana-500016

Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Center India Addresses and Location
Do we need to take prior appointment to avail the service?
Yes. The Centre is quite busy during weekends. Please call them up on number or whatsapp to the number given in the email.

On which number do I need to call to take an appointment?
In the email, the number and address of the Begumpet center will be there.

Will it do if I show the email on the mobile at the Begumpet outlet?
Yes it would do. Show either the printout or on mobile before taking the service.

I would like to see the pricelist or the menu card
Their prices may change. Hence, for current prices call up the centre after downloading the Voucher.

How long the voucher will be valid once downloaded?
The date of validity will be clearly mentioned in the email. However, they have the right to alter the deal before its end date.

What are the accepted modes of payment?
Cards and Cash. They may accept Mobile Wallets too.

What ayurvedic services it is popular for?
Of course Body Massage. Plus Panchakarma, Abhayangam, Shiroabhayangam, Udwarthanam, Pizichal, Podikizhi and other rejuvenating therapies. Their therapists are good at their work.
They also provide solutions for Weight Reduction, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Paralytic attack and Spondylitis.

Which is the nearest landmark?
Behind Shoppers Stop, Near Max Vision Hospital, Begumpet
T&Cs and more Info on Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Center

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1. Click on Orange colored button above. Fill the email form and the code will be sent to your email.
2. Before you visit, please check with Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Center, if you have any questions regarding the deal.
3. Once you are at merchant place, show the email before the order is placed.
4. If coupon is not being honored, contact UPto75.com Support.
This Offer is exclusive to UPto75.com Users.

Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Center offers Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Center 0 sales India


Panchakarma is a long Ayurvedic procedure, one that purifies and detoxifies both your body and soul effectively. As the name suggests, “Pancha Karma” means “Five Actions” that help remove toxins from a healthy or an ailing patient. This process is divided into preparatory measures, the main procedure and post-therapeutic measures. Depending on your ailment or need, you could choose different kinds of Panchakarma treatments, be it Vamanam, Virochanam, Nasyam, Dhoomapanam, Vasthi or Rakthamoksham. At the outlet, you will find a team of experts who would diagnose you and explain to you exactly what needs to be done. So be assured that you will leave the clinic happy, rejuvenated and healthier!

Other Services

Apart from Panchakarma, it also offers you a range of other well-known Ayurvedic Treatments including Abhayangam, Shiroabhayangam, Udwarthanam, Pizhichal, Njavarakizhi, Njavaratheppu, Elakizi, Podikizhi, Ksheera Dhoomam, Kadivasti, Urovasti, Januvasti, Upanaha Swedam, Avagahaswedam or Hip Bath, Pichu, Thalam, Shirovasthi, Dhara (Thakra Dhara, Sirodhara & Ksheera Dhara), Sarvanga Dhara, Dhanyamla Dhara, Mukhalepam or Herbal Facial, Tharpanam, Karnapoornam, Yoni Prakshlan and Leech Therapy. All these therapies address different bodily and health concerns and bring to you solutions that are holistic and sans any side effects.

About Company

Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, a renowned Centre for Ayurvedic Treatments in Hyderabad started in 2011 by the well-known Adit Academy, offers you a holistic selection of traditional Kerala Panchakarma Treatments. They combine modern technology and the best of therapists with the age old natural techniques of Ayurveda to give you solutions that are effective, efficient and safe. Their packages, be it health treatments or rejuvenation therapies, utilize the finest of medicinal herbs and oils, yet at rates that are highly affordable.

Corporate Address

#1-11-252/1/A, Street no.3, Lane 2,
102, Archana Apartment, ShoppersStop Lane,Begumpet
Hyderabad, India 500016
Website: http://www.aditkeralaayurvedic.in

Took Abhayangam and Body Scrub service at this Ayurveda Spa in Begumpet. Service and price were just right.

Was looking for a good near me Ayurvedic Body massage centre in Begumpet. Liked the service here. It was very good.

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