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Aurora Foot Reflexology Coupons in Chennai

Foot Reflexology Starting from Rs.999 at Aurora Foot Reflexology, Park Town, Chennai.

Save at Aurora Foot Reflexology in Chennai with UPto75 Coupons.

Aurora Foot Reflexology is a Foot Spa & Reflexology Centre in Park Town, Chennai. They bring to you a number of reflexology packages such as Foot Care, Foot Spa, Shoulder & Back Care and Special Combos for the body.

Foot Reflexology Starting from Rs.999 at Aurora Foot Reflexology, Park Town, Chennai.

Offer 1: Foot Reflexology Massage (60 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.1400
Discount Price: Rs.999

Offer 2: Foot Reflexology Massage (45 Mins) + Back and Shoulder Massage (30 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.1800
Discount Price: Rs.1299

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Aurora Foot Reflexology Address:
Hotel Sornam International, No.11, Stringer Street, Park Town, Chennai - 600003

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4. Once you are at Aurora Foot Reflexology, present the coupon before the order is placed.

Aurora Foot Reflexology Details

Aurora Foot Reflexology, a popular chain of Foot Spa Centres in Chennai, offers you a number of reflexology sessions & packages that help relieve stress and cure ailments. According to reflexology, each organ of the body is represented by a point on your foot and applying pressure on these points help heal the organ. Each session lasts between 30 and 90 minutes based on your package. Health conditions such as Depression, PMS, Aches, Pains, Diabetes, Insomnia, Arthritis, Migraine, Blood Pressure, Anxiety and many others can be effectively addressed using this technique. Options available at Aurora Foot Reflexology include Foot Care, Foot Spa, Shoulder & Back Care and a number of Special Combos for the body. For those who cannot visit their centres, Home Service is also a choice.

Aurora Foot Reflexology Corporate Address

No.E2, Basement Block of Nelson Chambers,
No.115, Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai, India 600029

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aurora-foot-reflexology-1623311877977112/

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Aurora Foot Reflexology

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