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Get 20% discount on Collage Mug at www.SnapFish.in.

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Get 20% discount on Collage Mug at www.SnapFish.in.

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Terms & Conditions
a) Offers cannot be combined with any other offers from Snapfish.
b) Product received through this offer should be ordered within 15 days from the date of redemption.
c) User needs to pay for the shipping
d) This offer would be shared with Snapfish global mail support team and we will assist in terms of any issues. The mail id for support is support@snapfish.co.in

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Full Image Mug

What could be a better gift to the one you love than a ceramic mug that is microwavable and dishwasher-safe? And what could beat a beautiful personal picture of memories to enhance the exquisiteness of the mug? Well, Snapfish offers you the opportunity to have your favourite pictures printed on quality coffee mugs to be displayed on your office table or gifted to your close ones. Its customized, unique, useful and the perfect show-piece! Don't forget to download Snapfish Coupon for Collage Mug from UPto75.com

Collage Mug

If you are not satisfied with just one picture on your mug; for instance, your team wishes to give a send-off gift to a colleague, a mug with a collage of memories, here’s Snapfish for you. You can now get a combination of photos to be aligned and printed beautifully on ceramic mugs. A maximum of 15 photos will fit into one mug. And you can also select from 14 distinct border colours too to enhance the pictures! Spice it up with a personalized title to complete your special memory mug! You may be interested on the 20% OFF offer on Snapfish Full Image Mug as well.

Photo Books

Photo Books are very popular choices and are far replacing photo albums as they are easier to maintain and last longer too. At Snapfish, you can find photo books in 10 different sizes and can add up to 12 photos in each page. Pages can be personalized with messages, captions and titles. You can beautify the album by selecting layouts and designs for each page with the choices provided. You can also check out the themes offered. The cover page will feature a full size photo, again your choice. Make your photo book a scrapbook of memoirs and a reason to smile!

SnapFish Details

India's No. 1 Photo Finishing portal. Snapfish has the widest range of photo products, starting from photo prints as low as Rs. 3.49, to photo books, calendars, T-Shirts, Mugs and many more. Your products are shipped across India to your door step.

SnapFish Corporate Address

HP India Sales Pvt Ltd, HP Towers,
GF North Tower, Harrington Road
Chennai, India 600031

Website: http://www.snapfish.in

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