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Kartkaro Coupons: Get Rs.100 Discount on Orders above Rs.1000
Offer End Date Dec 31, 2019

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KartKaro is an online grocery store based in Faridabad. They bring home to you the best of brands in Groceries, Staples, Bread & Dairy Products, Personal Care & Baby Products, Branded Foods, Beverages, Stationery and other Household Goods at cost-effective rates.

Kartkaro Offers: Grocery & Staples
Up to 51% Off on Dals and Pulses   Get Offer
Up to 21% Off On Dry Fruits   Get Offer
Up to 36% Off on Edible Oil & Ghee   Get Offer
Up to 47% Off on Flours & Sooji   Get Offer
Up to 70% Off on Masala & Spices   Get Offer
Up to 26% Off on Rice & Rice Products   Get Offer
Up to 30% Off on Salt,Sugar & Jaggery   Get Offer
Kartkaro Offers: Breads & Dairy Products
Up to 5% Off on Dairy Products   Get Offer
Kartkaro Offers: Beverages
Up to 16% Off on Energy & Health Drinks   Get Offer
Up to 20% Off on Fruits Drinks & Jucies   Get Offer
Up to 9% Off on Soft Drinks   Get Offer
Up to 12% Off on Tea & Coffee   Get Offer
Kartkaro Offers: Personal Care
Up to 20% Off on Baby Care   Get Offer
Up to 46% Off on Personal Hygiene   Get Offer
Up to 2% Off on Skin Care   Get Offer
Up to 7% Off on Hair Care   Get Offer
Up to 7% Off on Dental Care   Get Offer
Up to 4% Off on Deodorants   Get Offer
Shaving Needs Starting at Rs.35   Get Offer
Kartkaro Offers: Branded Foods
5% Off On Biscuits & Namkeen   Get Offer
Baby Food Starting at Rs.163   Get Offer
Baking & Dessert Items Starting at Rs.10   Get Offer
Breakfast Cerels Starting at Rs.40   Get Offer
Up to 10% Off on Jams & Spreads   Get Offer
Noodles & Pasta Starting at Rs.10   Get Offer
Up to 13% Off on Pickles   Get Offer
Up to 30% Off on Sauces & Ketchup   Get Offer
Kartkaro Offers: Household Products
Up to 6% Off on Cleaning aids   Get Offer
Up to 6% Off on Detergents   Get Offer
Up to 33% Off on Papers & Disposable   Get Offer
Up to 15% Off on Repellents & Freshners   Get Offer
Up to 2% Off on Shoe Care   Get Offer
Pooja Needs Starting at Rs.10   Get Offer
Kartkaro Offers: Stationery Products   Get Offer
Total Number of Kartkaro Offers and Coupons - 34

Terms and Conditions

Service available only in Faridabad

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  3. Click on "Go to Offer" link to be taken directly to Kartkaro online shopping site and check out the offer.

Groceries and Edibles

An exhaustive range of Grocery & Staples are provided at KartKaro online for you to buy. This includes Dals & Pulses, Dry Fruits, Edible Oils & Ghee, Flours & Sooji, Masalas & Spices, Rice & Rice Products, Salt, Sugar, Jaggery and more. Under Bread & Daily products as well, they have a fantastic collection of branded Milk, Flavoured Milk & Soya, Buttermilk, Lassi, Butter, Cream, Curd, Yogurt, Paneer and Tofu, among others.
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Personal Care Products

A variety of Baby Care Products including Creams, Lotions, Oils, Shampoos, Powders, Soaps, Diapers & Wipes, Baby Care Accessories and others could be purchased online KartKaro. Their Personal Care Section also brings to the finest of Personal Hygiene Products, Skin & Hair Care Merchandise, Dental Care Products, Deodorants, OTC, Shaving Products and Sanitary Care Items, to name a few. Please share this Kartkaro discount coupon page on your social media profiles.


If you are looking for quick bites and Knick knacks, check out KartKaro’s Branded Foods Section. It includes Biscuits & Namkeens, Cookies, Cream Biscuits, Glucose, Marie & Milk Biscuits, Healthy & Digestive Food, Salty Biscuits, Wafers, Baby Food, Baking & Dessert Items, Breakfast Cereals, Chocolates & Gums, Jams & Spreads, Noodles & Pasta, Pickles, Sauces, Ketchup and a whole lot more. Beverage brands are also exclusive and popular here. In others, check out their range of Household Goods and Stationery Product categories such as Cleaning Aids, Detergents, Paper & Disposables, Repellents & Fresheners, Shoe Care, Pooja Needs, Pet Care, Plasticware Item, Electricals, Papers, Registers, Pens, Pencils, Pins, Clips, School Bags, Staplers, Punching Machines, Calculators, Stamp Pads, Crayons, Sketch Pens, Folders, Envelops, Glue Sticks, and Tapes.

Kartkaro Details

KartKaro, a leading grocery store online with services in Faridabad, offers you a complete range of daily home products that you could now buy with ease. Apart from being economical, purchasing from them saves you the time and effort taken to travel to superstores and stand in queues to get the things you need on a daily basis. And the best part; delivery is absolutely free! Through KartKaro, you could get the finest brands in Groceries, Staples, Bread & Dairy Products, Personal Care & Baby Products, Branded Foods, Beverages, Stationery and other Household Goods.

Kartkaro Corporate Address

62/3, Raja Nahar Singh Colony, Near Sector 3
Faridabad, India 121004

Website: http://kartkaro.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kartkarogrocery/

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