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Magic Mountain Coupons in Mumbai

Rs.50 Discount on Entry Tickets at Magic Mountain Park, Lonavala.

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It is an Amusement Park in Lonavala and part of the Malpani Group. Its attractions include India’s largest Wave Pool, the Aqua Play Station, Freefall, Vertical Swing, the 5D Theatre, the Giant Frisbee and Space Trainer, among others.

Note: On account of Government directive, due to ongoing CORONA Virus, the park is shut till further instructions.

Note: Coupon downloaded for the same day visit is not valid.

Rs.50 Discount on Amusement Park Entry Tickets of Magic Mountain Lonavala.

Package 1: Entry Fee (All Days)
For Adult (4.6 Feet and Above):
Actual Ticket Price: Rs.950 + 18% GST
Discounted Price: Rs.900 + 18% GST
For Kid (below 4.6 Feet):
Actual: Rs.750 + 18% GST
Discounted: Rs.700 + 18% GST

Package 2: Tuesday Treats (Valid On All Tuesdays)
For Adult / Kid / Senior Citizen:
Actual Price: Rs.750 + 18% GST
Discounted: Rs.700 + 18% GST

Package 3: College Student's ID Card Offer.
Actual Ticket Rate: Rs.799 + 18% GST
Discounted Rate: Rs.749 + 18% GST

Package 4: Adult Combo: (Wet n Joy Water Park + Magic Mountain)
All Days:
Actual Rate: Rs.1399 + 18% GST
Discounted Rate: Rs.1349 + 18% GST

Offer 5: Child Combo: (Both Parks)
Actual Ticket Cost: Rs.1199 + 18% GST
Discounted Cost: Rs.1149 + 18% GST
Actual Cost: Rs.1399 + 18% GST
Discounted Cost: Rs.1349 + 18% GST

Park Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM.

Ride Timings: 11 AM to 7 PM

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Adjoining Wet N Joy Waterpark, Old Pune Mumbai Highway-NH-4, At Mundhaware, Post-Takve, Lonavala, Pune – 410405

Magic Mountain India Addresses and Location

Please Read These Before You Call UPto75.com Support

1: I want Magic Mountain Tickets
This is UPto75.com site. You get Coupons for FREE here.

2: What is the use of these?
You get Rs.50 off for each person. Show the Email at Booking Counters and pay the discounted price at the counter. You CANNOT use these codes to buy tickets online.

3: How to get them to my Email?
There is an orange color button, Click to get Free.. ....

4: What are the entry ticket prices?
They are mentioned on the deal page. GST will be applicable.

5: For a group how many Vouchers do I need to take?
At a time you will get a maximum of 10. If you are a group of 15, enter 10 in the form and submit. Again enter 5 in the form.

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The expiry date will be mentioned on the deal page and on the email as well.

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One printout of the email is enough or show it on the mobile

8: Does the pass include food?
No. It is for entry and access to Amusement Park Rides and activities.
Outside / home food not allowed.

9: We are a big Corporate group. Do we get an additional group discount?
If the group is really big, say around 50, then an additional discount can be given. Please call +91-8008887500

10: When will Amusement Park open?
Timings are from 1.00 PM to 6.00 PM.

If you have any other query, please call on: +91-8008887500
T&Cs and more Info on Magic Mountain

Terms and Conditions

1. Please refer the Instruction boards placed in front of each and every Amusement Park Ride. It does not permit any additional visitors on the ride, other than the Maximum permitted numbers.
2. Individuals whose size does not allow the use of safety dives should refrain from the rides.
3. All the Guests are requested to follow the Queue line and maintain law and order as per the guidelines of the Park
4. The Rider should seat in the car properly, ensure that seat belt is fastened at all time. If accompanied by a child, ensure the child is also properly fastened.
5. The rider should ensure that no loose part of their wear is dangling out of the Vehicle. The rider is advised not to wear loose scarf or dupatta.
6. Rider must wait for Attender's start signal before starting the ride. Once the ride starts, at no given time, Rider should get down from the vehicle. In case of any challenge, the attender should be called for help.
7. It is strictly prohibited to hold or Fiddle with the Antenna of the Car, as it can lead to electrocution.
8. Special Caution - For Safety Reasons, Pregnant women, Guests with Heart Conditions, Blood pressure, Back trouble, Physical or Mental challenge should not take Rides.
9. No Guest under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs will be allowed in the Rides.
10. Food and Beverages are not permitted in the rides.
11. At the end of the ride, on the signal, Riders should get down from the cars and orderly move towards the exit.
12. Carrying a Mobile phone or camera during the rides is not allowed.
13. Disclaimer - The Rider is responsible for his / her personal safety. In case an individual is found not adhering to prescribed safety norms, which results in injury to self or others, The Management holds the right to initiate actions.
14. The Management will not be responsible for any Injury or loss of personal asset in the rides.
15. No Rides for Kids below 3.3 Feet height.
16. Between 3 to 4 Feet – Permitted on 15 Rides and Attractions with accompanying Adult.
17. Between 4 to 5 Feet – Permitted on 25 Rides and Attractions with accompanying Adult.
18. 5 Feet and above – Permitted on 28 Rides and Attractions.
19. At all times, for all rides, safety gears / lap bars must get closed for riders safety.
20. Tummy Sizes / Chest Sizes between 25 inches to 48 inches only are permitted to use the rides.
21. The final permission to provide access to the rides would be at the discretion of the management.
21 In case of rains, 18 rides and attractions out of 31 would be operated as per Management discretion, keeping the safety of the visitors in consideration.

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2. Before you visit, please check with Magic Mountain, if you have any questions regarding the deal.
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High and Mid Thrill Rides

Top Spin Suspended is one of their high thrill rides. Here, you get spun around in the air with a 360-degree perspective, right over the fountain. It's scary, yet exciting, fun and adventurous. The ride is meant for teenagers and adults only, not kids and the elderly. Then there is the Giant Frisbee, wherein you are tossed around in mid-air, just like a frisbee. Other high thrill rides include Turbo Force and Flipping Arm. Under Mid Thrill Rides, check out a wide selection of options including Delta Hoppla, Space Trainer, Z Force, Sky Screamer, Super Splash, Mega Disco, Air Race and Flying Carousel. The age group for these rides is ideally 18 to 50.

Family Thrill Rides

Family Thrill Rides are the most popular here as families find the space perfect to bond while having fun. Some really exciting rides under this category are Carnival Carousal, Jumpin Star, Rush Hour, Water Mania, Magic Bike, Demolition Derby, Galleon, Wave Blaster, Samba Balloon, Crazy Surf, Sky Race, Kite Flyer and Surf’s Up. They also showcase a beautiful & colourful Musical Fountain for you to enjoy. Depending on the difficulty of the ride, they specify age groups that could enjoy them. Explore all your favourite rides here with your favourite people and make your day memorable!

Kids Attractions

Tiny tots do not need to feel left out here at all! If teens and adults have their share of fun rides, kids have a variety to look out for as well. Truck and Trail is one of the hot favourites. This is the cutest and the most colourful convoy for kids and they get to ride motor cars with power pick-ups, safety belt, lights, trumpets and twin wheels. If you are more of a flyer, check out Junior Jet where kids can enjoy a lovely jet merry-go-round. And if the giant wheels fascinate your little one, check out the Ferris Wheel that has a turning upright wheel with mini cabins to carry kids and rotate them safely.

About Company

It is a popular Amusement Park started in Lonavala by the Malpani Group, offers you a kaleidoscope of fun, excitement and magic through a range of indoor & outdoor rides along with other attractions. It is set amidst beautiful, quiet mountains and hence the name! Facilities and offerings are world-class including India’s largest Wave Pool, the Aqua Play Station, Freefall, Vertical Swing, the 5D Theatre, the Giant Frisbee which is a 180-degree pendulum swing and Space Trainer which is a spaceship ride that rotates you 360 degrees, among others. You can also enjoy some delicious food served at Magic Mountain Parks various multi-cuisine restaurants to regain any lost vigour while having fun with your loved ones.


All Days: 1.00 PM to 6 PM

Things Happening at Magic Mountain

18.Mar.2019: It is inaugurated by GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR

Corporate Address

Adjoining Wet N Joy Waterpark, Old Pune Mumbai
Highway-NH-4, At Mundhaware, Post-Takve, Lonavala,
Mumbai, India 410405
Website: https://www.magicmountain.in/

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