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Parsona Offers - Khar West

40% to 70% Discount on Salon, Hair, Skin & Weight Loss Treatments at Parsona Mumbai.

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Parsona in Khar West, Mumbai, offers Finishing Academy & Corporate Training, Event Management, Beauty Pageant Organization, Fashion Portfolios, Acting & Drama School, Wellness & Healing and Property Management.

40% to 70% Discount on Salon, Hair, Skin & Weight Loss Treatments at Parsona Mumbai.

Offer 1: (1 Female) Women Chocolate Waxing (Full Arms, Under Arms, Legs)
Actual Price: Rs.Rs.1000
Discounted: Rs.599 Including Taxes

Offer 2: (1 Person) Chocolate Manicure + Pedicure
Actual Price: Rs.1200
Discounted: Rs.699 Including Taxes

Offer 3: (1 Female) Gel Polish (both hands)
Actual Price: Rs.1200
Discounted: Rs.499 Including Taxes

Offer 4: (1 Female) Women Rica Waxing (Lipo Soluble Wax)
Actual Price: Rs.3000
Discounted: Rs.1199 Including Taxes

Offer 5: (1 Female) Salon package
Includes: De-Tan / bleach + Skin Type Facial + Classic Manicure & Pedicure (NO POLISH) + Hair Spa (mid back) + Hair Wash + Flavoured Waxing (Full Arms, Under Arms, Legs).
Actual Price: Rs.5000
Discounted: Rs.1499 Including Taxes

Offer 6: (1 Female) Hair Smoothening / Straightening (Mid back)
Actual Price: Rs.7500
Discounted: Rs.2999 Including Taxes

Offer 7: (1 Female) Global colour / Highlights (Mid back) + Hair Wash + Blow Dry
Actual Price: Rs.8000
Discounted: Rs.3899 Including Taxes

Offer 8: (1 Female) Keratin Hair Treatment (Mid back)
Actual: Rs.12000
Discountede: Rs.3999 Including Taxes

Offer 9: (1 Female) Nail Extensions (both hands)
Actual Price: Rs.2500
Discounted: Rs.999 Including Taxes

Offer 10: (1 Female) De-Tan / Bleach + Skin Type Facial + Classic Manicure & Pedicure (scrubbing + massage)+ Hair Spa (mid back) + Hair Wash.
Actual Price: Rs.3700
Discounted: Rs.1199 Including Taxes

Offer 11: (1 Female) One session of Machine Face Lightening Facial/ Glow Facial/ Pigments Cure / Anti Ageing
Actual Price: Rs.6000
Discounted: Rs.1999 Including Taxes

Offer 12: (1 Person) One session of Hair Re-growth (Derma Roller) / Hair Fall (Machine Treatment) / Dandruff Treatment (Machine Treatment).
Actual Price: Rs.6000
Discounted: Rs.1999 Including Taxes

Offer 13: (1 Person) One session of Weight Loss / Inch Loss/ Chin Loss/ Belly Fat Loss
Actual Price: Rs.8000
Discounted: Rs.2599 Including Taxes

Note: All prices are Including Taxes.

Prior Appointments only. 11 AM - 7 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)

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Address of the Salon in Khar West;
Makhija Royale, 3rd Floor, S.V.Rd, Khar West, Next to Rajasthan Restaurant, Mumbai 52

Parsona India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Parsona

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Finishing School

Finishing School is a unique concept offered at Parsonaâ„¢ that focuses on soft skills that help people, be it youngsters or seniors, achieve their best and unleash their full potential. Topics such as Personality Development, Image Management, Body Language, Communication Skills, Postures, Gestures and Expressions, Fine Grooming, Dress Sense, Fine Dining, Handling Sensitivity of Criticism, Negativity, Anger Management and allied skills, among others, form part of their curriculum. These skills complement their educational qualifications & experience to craft a complete package of excellence.

Acting School

Another popular offering at from them includes Acting and Drama Workshops. They impart highly essential associated skills, such as a well-developed imagination, emotional facility, physical expressivity, vocal projection, clarity of speech and the ability to interpret drama. Course names showcased here include Truth & Belief Of An Actor, Elements Of Acting, Diction & Language, Voice Culture, Pitch Play, Voice Modulation & Variation, Body Language, Imagination Exercises, Sense Memory, Improvisations, Theory Of Emotions, Physiology Of Emotions, Improvisation On Nav Rasas, Short Play, Monologues Preparation & Practice, Scene Study Character Study / Characterisation, Character Improvisation, Scene Work, Story Adaptation, Camera Breakdown Of A Scene, Film / Television Orientation, Audition Approach & Practice and Guidance & Stepping Out.


Other interesting courses & services provided here consist of Fashion Portfolios, Events, Wellness & Healing and Property Management Services. Under Fashion Portfolios, they groom Plus Size Models, Aspiring Models, Teens, Couples, Moms and Actors to understand different aspects of the such shoots such as poses, styling, make up and more. Their Events services include delivering high-quality customized events including corporate events, fashion & beauty pageant events and private parties. As healers, they have an adept team of certified practitioners, doctors, therapists and counsellors who undertake services like Couple Counseling, Parenting, Relationship Difficulties, Grief and Loss Counseling, Trauma Therapy, Adjustment to Injury & Chronic Disease Management, Mental Health Difficulties (Depression, Anxiety, Stress), Adolescence Issues and Anger Management. Last but not the least is Property Management. You can hand over your property to them trust them to manage it for you without causing you any worry or stress.

About Company

Parsona a provider of transformational personalized growth solutions and started in 2015 in Khar West, Mumbai, offers you a diverse variety of services including Finishing Academy & Corporate Training, Event Management, Beauty Pageant Organization, Fashion Portfolios, Acting & Drama School, Wellness & Healing and Property Management. Their aim is to equip people with tools & strategies that ensure personal mastery and focus on core strengths. The team comprises of a group of thinkers, innovators, facilitators and organizers, reflect precision and perfection at their highest levels. Check out their portfolio and pick a service that would help you achieve your finest!


11 AM - 7 PM

Corporate Address

304, Makhija Royale, 3rd Floor, S.V.Road,
Khar West, Next to Rajasthan Restaurant
Mumbai, India 400052
Website: http://www.parsona.in/

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