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Xcode life sciences Coupons - Flat 50% Off on Come Alive Services

Xcode Life Sciences Coupons: Flat 50% OFF on Come Alive Services

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Xcode Life Sciences is a Bioinformatics Company in Chennai with an online presence. Considering that your genetic makeup impacts your susceptibility to chronic lifestyle diseases, they compile and track your personal profile, clinical history, health check data, disease genomics (dis-genomics) and nutritional genomics (nutri-genomics) to facilitate their prevention.
T&Cs and more Info on Xcode life sciences
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Lifelong Wellness

The magic chart to wellness is unique for each individual. It depends totally on their DNA. Some gain and lose weight easily, some have high resistance, some are extraordinarily disease-prone; conditions vary from person to person. At Xcode Life Sciences, they offer you a Wellness Plan based on your genetic make-up. You are provided with a Saliva Kit, a Genetic Report, a ‘100 days to better health’ (Health signals) plan, a 30 minute Online Consultation with a registered dietician, Targets to achieve and more. You are made to understand how your body and genes work. This helps counter unwanted diseases and conditions that you are otherwise prone to.

Drug Response Genetics

Excessive bad cholesterol in the blood leads to a lot of complications in your body including clots. Clots are formed by the clumping together of blood cells called platelets. Clopidogrel is a common anti-platelet drug that is used for treating diseases like Coronary Artery Disease, before and after Coronary Artery Stenting, Cerebrovascular Disease or Stroke and Peripheral Artery Disease. But the response to this drug is also dependent on your genes. At Xcode, they identify your response to Clopidogrel and help your physician personalize your treatment strategy. It also helps you avoid hitches arising out of the usage of this drug or its dosage.

Derma Genetics

Xcode offers you the world’s first DNA based anti-ageing skincare solution. Understanding that your skin is unique and different owing to the genes that you have acquired, Xcode makes available to you, customised care and treatment package which features Youth Restore Signals, Nutritional Counselling, - DNA-based Customised Facial Treatments and Exercise Charts & Home Care Products. A coach who will explain your chart to you. All you need to do is follow instructions and watch the change!

About Company

Xcode Life Sciences, a young yet significant Bioinformatics Company based in Chennai, offers you the facility of assessing genetically induced bodily conditions and susceptibility to lifestyle diseases caused as a result of your genetic makeup! They have an online portal that compiles all your details including personal profile, clinical history, health check data, disease genomics (dis-genomics) and nutritional genomics (nutri-genomics) to help you prevent a range of chronic diseases. Your genetics combined with poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle is what accelerates undesirable conditions in your body. This can be avoided by giving due and timely care under the supervision of experts. This is exactly what Xcode Life Sciences offers you.

Corporate Address

6B, Eldorado, 112, Nungambakkam High Road,
Chennai, India 600034

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