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Articles related to Promotions and Marketing of Offers

50 Sales and Marketing Promotional Plans
Here we share 50 promotional plans with examples to help merchants to pick and choose from! Browse through the 50 plans and use the appropriate ones to promote your sales. We hope these add some value to retailers, brand managers and marketing managers who are looking for some ideas in marketing promotions.
Ideas for Marketing and Sales promotion
An article for marketing and sales promotion aimed at increasing footfalls in retail stores through online advertising. Most retailers have already been approached by online deal listing sites to advertise online. Here we share our experience in how online advertising on deal listing sites could prove to be a highly cost effective medium for you and your brand.
Guillotine and Galbraith
An article on how it is increasingly more difficult to reach customers through conventional advertising. To engage the customer individually, the online and mobile space, is the only answer. More on this raging topic in the article.
The Coupons Story in India - Level playing field needed
An article on the story of discount coupons in India and the need for a standardized and level playing field, as the online and retail industry grows.