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Ramesh Lasik and Laser Centre Offers in Hyderabad

15% Discount on Lasik Eye Surgery at Ramesh Lasik and Laser Centre in Himayathnagar,Hyderabad.

Offer End Date Sep 30, 2024

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It is Lasik & Laser eye clinic in Himayatnagar Hyderabad. Their services include Relex Smile, Blade Free, C3R, ICL, IPCL, INTACS and PRESBYMAX Correction. Dr.G.Ramesh worked at top Hospitals and is providing expert eye care services for more than a decade. The Doctor performed more than 35,000 procedures.

15% Discount on Lasik Eye Surgery at Ramesh Lasik and Laser Centre Himayathnagar, Hyderabad.

Offer 1: Discount on Doctor Consultation, Lasik Evaluation and Retina Examination.
Actual Price: Rs.2000
Offer Price: Rs.750

Offer 2: 15% Discount on Normal Lasik / Laser Treatment Cost.
Up to 6 Months no Charges for Follow up’s (Free - Post Surgery Checkups).

Offer 3: 10% Discount on Femto Lasik / Laser Treatment Cost.
Up to 6 Months no Charges for Follow up’s (Free - Post Surgery Checkups).

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Address of the Center in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad:
#3-6-273/274, 3&4th Floor, Apurupa L.N Chambers, Near Old MLA Quarters, Beside RC Reddy IAS Circles, Opp: Telangana Tourism Office, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad Telangana - 500029

Ramesh Lasik and Laser Centre India Addresses and Location
What is laser eye surgery?
It is a procedure where a beam of light is used to gently reshape the cornea to improve vision.

What all it can correct?
It can correct shortsightedness, longsightedness and astigmatism
It is used to:
Removes minute amounts of tissue to flatten the cornea to correct nearsightedness
Steepen the cornea to correct farsightedness
Steepen and/or smooth out corneal irregularities to correct astigmatism.

How long does LASIK Eye Surgery take?
While the entire procedure takes approximately 15 minutes, the laser treatment itself usually takes less than a minute.

How do I know if I am eligible?
Your Eye Doctor will let you know that. They do Elgibility tests to determine if you are eligible or not.
You have to be 18 years old or above and physically healthy.
Also, you must be free from retinal problems, corneal scars and any eye diseases.
Your vision must be stable for at least a year before surgery and NOT requiring a change in your glasses prescription in the last one year.

Is Lasik procedure painful?
There is no pain during or after the procedure. One may experience a mild burning sensation after the operation and which disappears in 24 hours.

Do they do bladeless procedure?
Yes, they do.

Is it expensive?
No. The surgery is cheaper than buying new glasses or contact lenses.

Which is the nearest landmark?
It is opposite Telangana Tourism
T&Cs and more Info on Ramesh Lasik and Laser Centre

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Ramesh Lasik and Laser Centre offers Ramesh Lasik and Laser Centre 0 sales India Ramesh Lasik and Laser Centre coupons

Relex Smile

Relex Smile or Refractive Lenticule Extraction, Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is an exceptional refractive procedure that treats Myopia and Astigmatism. An alternative for 100% bladeless laser surgeries, this procedure is least invasive, does not require the cornea to be ‘flapped’ and is performed using a femtosecond laser that is highly accurate & a product of the trusted Carl Zeiss AG, Germany. At the Hospital, they have the technology, the team and the techniques to deliver precise corrective surgeries that are both safe and fast.

Other Lasik Procedures at Dr Ramesh Eye Clinic

Apart from Relex Smile, the Centre also offers you a number of other Laser techniques. This includes the Blade Free one that aids vision correction. iLASIK is another which is the only laser eye surgery approved by NASA and trusted by all branches of the US military. For patients who possess thin corneas or those involved in contact sports, E-Lasik is the prescribed procedure. These and more ensure that you can now get your eyes treated painlessly and without having to tear into them. Your friends may find this deal of interest. Please share it with them.


Other than laser procedures, there are some highly popular treatments that are as effective. One of these is C3R. The procedure increases the strength or rigidity of the cornea through Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin. ICL is a treatment that acts as an alternative for all those who, unfortunately, cannot undergo normal lasik surgeries due to certain conditions. Other options include IPCL, INTACS and PRESBYMAX Correction.

About Company

It is a well-known eye clinic in Hyderabad and offers you an extensive assortment of eye treatments and surgeries, both laser and others. With clients spread across the country, they bring to you solutions that are accurate, quick, high-quality and affordable. They prioritize transparency and make sure that every consultation is followed up by a detailed discussion before choosing surgery or treatment. Apart from this, Insurance for their patients is also something Ramesh Lasik & Laser Centre facilitates. Whatever your concern, be it contact lens intolerance, cosmetic needs, finding an alternative for glasses or any other, they have just the right procedures to cure you.

Corporate Address

Apurupa L N Chambers, H.No: 3-6-273/274,
3rd Floor, Himayath Nagar,
Hyderabad, India 500029
Website: http://www.rameshlasikcentre.com/

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